Happy New Year! This year, we celebrate our 27th Anniversary. We will continue to build a bigger & better site for Filipinos around the World and those that can't wait to experience the wonders of the Philippines. Expect more frequent updates and new features

Last year, we spent a few days in the Philippines. Our mission is to scout the best of the Philippines and build unforgettable dream vacation packages for future travelers.

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We miss the Philippines!

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We have big plans this year, including traveling all of the Philippines. Our goal is to build a bigger & better site for Filipinos around the World and those that can't wait to experience the wonders of the Philippines.

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We asked our followers to post photos of our heroes. The response was overwhelming and this epic music video is the result. Let's make this anthem video go viral!

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Finally made a video of our recent trip to the Philippines. We haven't been back in more than 20 years and wow, I am blown away by the transformation.

Some of the clips we took didn't turn out well, so I reached out to our friends at Travel World (link below) and they happily shared some of their footage.

The best part of the trip was getting to spend so much time with my awesome clan! Thank you all for your generosity, thoughtfulness and reminding me how much I miss your beautiful faces. Love you all!

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Discover the beauty of our 7,200+ islands. We will soon post our videos from our recent trip to Manila and Boracay. As soon as the travel bans arer over, we will get back on the road and create videos for all of you to enjoy. Do you have videos of you recent travel to the Philippines, send it to us and we may showcase them on our page.

In this section, we will highlight stories that tell what makes Filipino people truly unque and unforgettable. Have a story to share? Send it to us and we might showcase your story soon.